Liturgical Non-Sense 978-3-16-159952-1 - Mohr Siebeck

Edda Wolff

Liturgical Non-Sense

Negative Hermeneutics as a Method for Liturgical Studies Based on Liturgical Case Studies of Holy Saturday

[Liturgischer Nicht-Sinn. Negative Hermeneutik als Methode der Liturgiewissenschaft anhand von liturgischen Fallstudien des Karsamstags.]

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Edda Wolff analyses the liturgy of Holy Saturday through case studies in various Christian traditions from the perspective of negative hermeneutics. On this basis, she examines the significance of liturgy for a wider theological discourse.
In this work, Edda Wolff analyses how a more subtle and nuanced understanding of 'non-sense' can enhance the study of liturgy and its contribution to a broader theological discourse. The study is divided into two parts: the first outlines the methodological starting point for a dialogue between liturgical studies and philosophical-hermeneutical approaches, while the second applies negative hermeneutics to analyse the liturgy of Holy Saturday through case studies. The choice of Holy Saturday reflects the broader interest of the work in the 'in-between' spaces, the gaps, paradox and negative structures within liturgy. Holy Saturday thus serves as a paradigm for the liturgical engagement with the experience of a loss of sense, as well as the formal lack of pre-given structures. On this basis, the author reflects on the methodological challenges and potential of a negative liturgical hermeneutics for the dialogue with other theological subjects.

Edda Wolff Born 1986; studied Theology and Philosophy in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland; PhD at the University of Durham; ordained minister in the Church of England; priest in the Episcopal Church in Europe (Frankfurt and Paris); currently working at the University of Victoria, Canada for a postdoctoral fellowship in Indigenous Studies.


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