Harriet I. Flower

Sulla's Memoirs as an Account of Individual Religious Experience

Jahrgang 1 () / Heft 3, S. 297-320 (24)

This paper examines the way in which Sulla wrote about his personal religious experiences in his memoirs, published in 22 books around 78 BCE. Based on fragments and references in later authors, especially Plutarch, it seems that Sulla made his very personal relationship with the gods central to his autobiography. Examples include his experiences at Nola, Delphi, and Aphrodisias with a variety of deities, especially Apollo, Aphrodite, and Ma Bellona. Several of Sulla's dreams are analysed and put into the general context of contemporary religious and political events, notably the famous dream of Juno Sospita, experienced by Caecilia Metella, which was publicly recognised by the senate and consul of 90 BCE.

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