D. Francois Tolmie

Pointing Out Persuasion in Philemon

Fifty Readings of Paul's Rhetoric From the Fourth to the Eighteenth Century

[Überzeugung in Philemon aufzeigen. Fünfzig Lesarten der Rhetorik des Paulus vom vierten bis zum achtzehnten Jahrhundert.]

2021. XIV, 383 pages.

History of Biblical Exegesis 1

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The way in which Paul tries to persuade Philemon to take back his slave in the Letter to Philemon has attracted interest from interpreters since the fourth century. D. Francois Tolmie offers a comprehensive overview of the different ways in which they explained Paul's strategy over fourteen centuries.
D. Francois Tolmie offers a comprehensive overview of the various ways in which commentators interpreted the rhetoric of the Letter to Philemon from the fourth to the eighteenth century. For this purpose, fifty commentaries that appeared during this period are scrutinised one by one in order to determine the different ways in which commentators understood the rhetorical situation reflected by the letter and how they explained Paul's persuasive strategy. The author concludes with a thorough overview of broad tendencies that may be discerned in this regard. He reflects on the numerous ways in which commentators interpreted and expanded the meagre details offered by the letter to imagine a rhetorical situation that made sense to them. He also explains how consensus developed on certain matters, but, at the same time, how a diversity of views developed on other issues.

D. Francois Tolmie Born 1959; 1992 Doctorate in New Testament; 2004 PhD in Greek; currently Professor of New Testament and Head of the Department of Old and New Testament Studies at the Faculty of Theology of the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein (South Africa).


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